Rashida Aisha Ali

Jerry Amernic

Leonard Anderson

Linda Armstrong-Miller

Marvin V. Arnett

Lori Avocato

Darrell Bain
The Melanin Apocalypse
White Odyssey

Leslie Esdaile Banks
AKA: L. A. Banks
The Awakening
The Hunted

AKA: Leslie Esdaile

Pierre Bateau

Travis Black

Toni Blake

David S. Brody

Nathasha Brooks-Harris

Parry "Ebony Satin" Brown

Stacy Brown

Lee Ann Butler-Owens

Nancy Bush

Roslyn Carrington

Stan Chambers

Frank Chase, Jr.

Charles L. Chatmon
The Depths of my Soul
The Voices of South Central

Tony M. Cheatham

Hope C. Clarke

Debra Clayton

Bernadene High Coleman

Britta Coleman

Bernadette Y. Connor

William Fredrick Cooper

Mark D. Crutcher

Jamise L. Dames

Mike and Tracy Davenport

Carolyn Gill Davis
Bear a Life Seasoned with Sage
The Fall of my Beginning

Daryl C. Diggs

D. H. Dublin

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ehin

Robert Fleming

Nancey Flowers

Nina Foxx

Gwynne Forster
When Twilight Comes
Blues From Down Deep
If you Walked in My Shoes
A Different Kind Of Blues

Dwight Fryer
The Legend of Quito Road
The Knees of Gullah Island

Michael Gainer

Jeffrey Gardere, PH,D.

T. Weldon Garrett
Against A Brick Wall
The Nightingale Call

Jim Goulding

Heather Graham

Maurice M. Gray Jr.

Michael J. Grayson

K. D. Greene

Robert Greer
Heat Shock
Resurrecting Langston Blue
The Fourth Perspective
The Mongoose Deception

Dorien Grey
The Role Players
The Paper Mirror

Linda Dominique Grosvenor
Like Boogie On Tuesday

Denise Michelle Harris

C. F. Hawthorne
For Every Black Eye
Homeless Love

W. Randy Haynes

Donna Hill
If I Could
An Ordinary Woman

Lynne Hinton

Alice Holman

Rayshad Holmes

Cheryl Holt
Complete Abandon
More Than Seduction
Too Hot To Handle
Too Wicked To Wed
Double Fantasy

Johnathan Isom

Edwardo Jackson

Lisa Jackson
The Morning After
Deep Freeze
Absolute Fear
Lost Soul

Gunnar Jensen

Camellia M. Johnson

Darlene Johnson

Freddie Lee Johnson III

Keith Lee Johnson
Little Girl Lost
Sugar and Spice
Hell Has No Fury

Margaret Johnson-Hodge

Joan Johnston

Tawanda J. Jones

Joylynn M. Jossel

Murad Kalam

Terri Kay

Dasha Kelly

Meme Kelly

J. L. King

Thomas Kirkwood

Angela Knight

Kathleen Korbel

Stephen LaFevers

Michael Laimo

Michelle Larks
Myriad of Emotions
Crisis Mode
Who's Your Daddy
The Legacies

Grant Lewis Jr

Dorothy Elizabeth Love

Kenny Love

Frances Lynn

Ed Lynskey

Priscilla A. Maine

Marcus Majors

L. Y. Marlow

Kat Martin

J. D. Mason

Ginny McBlain

Timmothy McCann

Maureen McKade
AKA: Maura McKenzie

Marilyn Meredith

Sharon Mignerey

Ronnie Mills

Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Mary Monroe
The Upper Room
Gonna Lay Down My Burdens
God Still Don't Like Ugly
Red Light Wives
In Sheep's Clothing
God Don't Play
Deliver Me From Evil
She Had It Coming

Marissa Monteilh
May December Souls
The Chocolate Ship
Hot Boyz

Gregory K. Morris

Victoria Christopher Murray
Too Little, Too Late

Brenda Novak

Frank O'Donnell

Chris O'Grady
Glorieta Pass
The Curious Exchange...

Laura Parker
AKA: Laura Parker Castoro

Electa Rome Parks

P. J. Parrish

Alex D. Pate

Marilyn Peake

Eric Pete
Someone's in the Kitchen
Blow Your Mind

Patricia Ann Phillips
June in Winter
Nice Wives Finish First
Last Bride Standing
No Turning Back

Adriene Pickett

Brian Pinkerton

David W. Powell

Bill Rancic

Francis Ray
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Somebody's Knocking At My Door
Like The First Time
Any Rich Man Will Do
Not Even If You Begged

Rick R. Reed
A Face Without A Heart

David Rehak

J. D. Rhoades

Jeff Rivera

V. Anthony Rivers

C. Kelly Robinson
Between Brothers
No More Mr. Nice Guy
The Strong Silent Type
The One That Got Away
The Perfect Blend

Cheryl Robinson

Kim Robinson

Kimberla Lawson Roby
A Taste of Reality
Casting The First Stone
Too Much Of A Good Thing
The Best - Kept Secret
Changing Faces

Charlie L. Russell

Marlon LeSean Sanders

Kimberly Scott

Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs

Margie Gosa Shivers

Gayle Jackson Sloan

Denise A. Smith

Robert Spiller

Erica Spindler

J. Keith Stewart
Promise Me
Killing Me Softly
Gone Through Hell and Back

Cynthia Lynn Stigger

Edith Tarbescu
Annushka's Voyage
Bring Back My Gerbil!

Tim Teeter

Brenda L. Thomas

Jacquelin Thomas

Joyce Carol Thomas

Trisha R. Thomas

Salome Thomas-EL

Maxine Thompson
A Place Called Home
No Pockets In A Shroud
The Ebony Tree

Tracy Price-Thompson

Delores Thornton

Pat Tucker

Denise Turney

Patrika Vaughn

Peter Verinder

Tina Volpe

Francine Ward

AlTonya Washington

Betty Webb

Brenda M. Weber

Marsh "Reggie" White

Alice Wootson
Trust In Me
Escape To Love

Gerald Allen Wunsch

Francine A. Yates
Carrie O and Me
Faith Holds The Key
Strength For The Journey