Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson
"Deep Freeze"

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
July 16, 2005

Q.    How did you come about the idea for the novel Deep Freeze?

Actually, my editor said he had a fabulous idea for me. I was all ears. When he said "I want you to write a story about a killer who only kills in winter?" I asked, "And????" thinking there was more to the plot. "That's it," he said and I thought. "Great? Now what?" But the more I considered it, the more I liked it. I thought I could bring the story back to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the incredible Columbia Gorge and the heroine (who would be a fish out of water from sunny LA) would face the worst storm of the century along with a killer with a fatal obsession for her.

Q.    How did you come about the title?

Actually my editor came up with the title; we like working with titles/books that are connected yet opposing, (such as HOT BLOODED & COLD BLOODED, or THE NIGHT BEFORE and THE MORNING AFTER), so he came up with DEEP FREEZE, and the book I'm working on now, FATAL BURN.

Q.    How did you come about the idea for Jenna's character to be an actor?

I wanted someone to be obsessed with her, someone famous, and as I said, I wanted her to come from a totally different environment, hence LA/Hollywood. It seemed natural that she would be in the film industry.

Q.    Why did you choose Oregon for Jenna's resident?

I grew up in Oregon and it's a fascinating state with so many different faces. Cities, rural towns, rocky beaches, high mountains and the incredible Columbia Gorge, a deep, chasm with a roaring river that divides the state of Washington from Oregon. It becomes bitter cold in winter. It was perfect.

Q.    How did you come about Shane's character?

Shane Carter evolved, just as Jenna Hughes did. As I sat down at the keyboard I envisioned him, a long, tall, suspicious lawman who would be the least likely to fall for a woman entrapped in what he sees as Hollywood glitter, yet a man who is fascinated by her nonetheless.

Q.    How long did it take you to write Deep Freeze?

The idea was being batted around for a few years. I wrote the synopsis very quickly--a couple of weeks because I'd been thinking about it for so long. The synopsis is 60 pages. From that it probably took three to four months to actually write. It was pretty solid.

Q.    How many novels do you write a year?

It depends on what's going on in my life. Between two and four.

Q.    What are you currently working on?

I'm working on the sequel to DEEP FREEZE. The synopsis is complete, I'm now writing the book.

Q.    Can you give the reader a brief synopsis of your next book and title?

Okay, the next book that's coming out is FINAL SCREAM. It's will be in the bookstores July 26th and it's the story of Cassidy Buchanan who, again, lives in Oregon. She's torn between two brothers, Brig and Chase McKenzie and all of their lives are entwined by the deadly fire that took the life of her beautiful older sister Angie, and devasted her family. The fire was seventeen years past and now, whoever set it, is back. Old passions simmer, old secrets come to light. Worse yet, the killer is more vicious than ever and the ultimate target is now Cassidy.

Q.    How many times were your novels listed on the New Times Bestseller list?

You know I don't keep count, but I can count 'em . . . . Okay, the last six Zebra Romantic Suspense novels, starting with COLD BLOODED, have hit the New York Times Bestseller print list (the top 15) and two more were on the extended list (the top 35).
Lisa Jackson
DEEP FREEZE, Zebra Books, March 2005
FINAL SCREAM, Zebra Books, August 2005
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