Frank Chase Jr.

Frank Chase Jr.
"False Roads To Manhood"
What Women Need To Know, What Men Need To Understand

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
February 10, 2009

Q.    Who is Frank Chase Jr.

A.    I am a native of Baltimore, Maryland. From pre-mature birth only weighing 2 pounds, I've been an over comer. My past is a storied journey from raggedy brokenness to continued rich wholeness in God's grace and love. You ask who Frank Chase Jr. is. I'm a free man that shines. I started my publishing company, F C Publishing, LLC, because no one would publish my book. I served in the United States Army for four years. I've been involved with various men's ministries as a teacher, counselor, mentor and leader. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology from Washington State University in 1989. I have a BA degree in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology (NCCT) and a Master of Arts in Theology from NCCT. My current job is an aviation writer for the government instructing soldiers how to maintain aircraft. I am a doctorate candidate scheduled to receive my degree in June 2009. My family and my three children live in Alabama.

Q.    What inspired you to write False Roads To Manhood?

A.    For years, I've always desired to write a book. I didn't know what subject it would entail, but my intrigue and passion concerning the rites of passage into manhood drove this book from my heart to paper. I would say the aftermath of divorce inspired False Roads to Manhood. Inspiration also came when God sparked a match in my soul to write to about the book issues women need to know and what men need to understand to help them recover from failed relationships. I wanted to ensure no man would go through what I went through trying to heal and deal with hurt and pain. Another aspect that brought this docu-story to life is seeing men struggle with failure and success. Those last two words are loaded. In any case, I wanted to write something to empower, teach and heal youth, men and women so they wouldn't travel false roads to manhood or womanhood. In the end, men in all kinds of predicaments inspired me to write this book. However, I think the question is not what lead me to write this book, but who inspired me to write False Roads to Manhood. And the who that inspired this book are the men and youth who've touched my heart and my life.

Q.    Will you give the readers a brief synopsis of "False Roads To Manhood"?

A.    Sure can. False Roads to Manhood, What Women Need To Know; What Men Need To Understand is my seven year journey of adventure, suspense and intrigue into the heart and soul of the secret life of manhood. The book invites those seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding about the hidden truths of a lifetime to embark on a journey that answers questions about men that most people only think about but dare not ask. The journey will revolutionize the lives of men and women concerning the greatest issues of the millennium. False Roads To Manhood is a surgically precise book that guides men on an extraordinary journey through their souls, not only to help men understand themselves by journeying from raggedy brokenness to rich wholeness but informs women about today's "Adam" in Christ. The book illuminates the road to balanced manhood and helps men exit the shadow of masculinity to enter into an undiscovered positive journey.

Q.    How did you come about the idea to use the acronym T.R.A.D.I.T.I.O.N to represent men's frailties?

A.    I came up with the acronym based on my personal thoughts about manhood. I questioned men about their beliefs and pondered whether traditions exist in the life of men and if they followed certain manhood traditions. So each letter became a road based on my thoughts and what I learned about manhood over the years. Then, I searched Webster's dictionary and found a word to match each letter that coincided with my belief system and the observations about men. As a result, each letter is a road that men travel. The roads are Truancy, rejection, anger, discouragement, ignorance, transiency, isolation, offenses and the nomad syndrome.

Q.    What was it about the biblical character, David that made you use him to covey several of your messages to men?

A.    That's an interesting question. Frankly, David's close friendship with Jonathan from his youth and throughout their lives represents what 21st century manhood lacks. Their docu-story is a story of male connection that's lost today. David's connection to his friend is the purest example of what true male friendship is all about. David's personal account at the death of Jonathan's death in 2 Samuel chapter 1, caused me to use him to drive home the message to men. David said, "I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me; your love to me was extraordinary, surpassing the love of women" (ESV). That statement about male friendship is lost today.

Q.    How did you come about the idea to use David to model the acronym R.E.C.O.V.E.R?

A.    David's life is not unlike a lot of men today. He did not have a close relationship with his father and when he experienced pain in the biblical story, he sought a means to recover. That's not the case with many men. David's life exemplified recovery and in his attempt, he sought to Receive instruction, he made an Effort not to drown in his tears of sorrow, he took Courage to stand with his friend Jonathan during tough times, he remained Obedient to God's plan for recovery, he remained Vulnerable in the face of pain, he did not make Excuses but pressed through his faintness in the face of rejection. Lastly, David pursued Results and fully participated in his recovery. When a man actively participates in recovery, victory is certain.

Q.    How long have you been writing?

A.    My writing started back in Junior High school. That's about 25 years ago. I would write short horror stories and read them to my friends and have them shaking in their boots. However, at difficult times in life my passion to write took a long hiatus.

Q.    How many books have you written?

A.    I've only written one book, False Roads To Manhood. Though many books have been in my heart, there's another story as to why other books have not been written and you'll need a sofa for the details on that story.

Q.    Do you plan on writing books in the future that will enhance human character?

A.    Yes indeed I plan to write more about human character. Over the past three years, I've written numerous articles on this subject to one degree or another. I plan to combine them into a book that deals with thoughts for living. Some of the article titles give a clue that human character is the subject. Articles such as, "High School Dayz," "The Right Mr. Right," "Back to the 'Hood," "Don't Claim Baggage Pain," and "Pandemonium at the Pool," deal with human experiences on the stage of life.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading False Roads To Manhood?

A.    The overwhelming message every male and female reader should walk away with is that no matter who you are in life there are false roads to destiny and true roads to destiny. The message women will gain from the book is, "Wow! I had no idea! I thought I knew what men dealt with silently." Men will walk away from the book thinking, "Finally, a book that understands me, but does not beat me up." Women take away a new found knowledge about men. Men take away an understanding of themselves that's been buried behind an iron mask of masculinity.