Willian Fredrick Cooper

William Fredrick Cooper
Six Days in January

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
January 2002

1. How long have you been writing?

Because I was a romantic person with a tremendous fear of rejection, In my youth I often resorted to the passionate, long-winded love letter. So detailed in fact, that the person I coveted always finished them in the arms of another. (Smile).

I was also the guy who wrote when political, emotion-stirring occurrences awakened my soul. My way of venting, or lashing out against racially slanted incidents were writing about them to newspapers and periodicals.

2. Will there be a sequel to "Six Days in January"?

If you would have asked me that question months ago I would have said "NO". Writing something so close to home can be emotionally draining. But so many people have asked for a sequel, plus the fact I have a few more experiences to share. Hey, you never know.

3. How much of "Six Days in January" is similar to your life?

"Six Days In January" was my life for so long, and in some ways, still is. A semi-autobiography coming from a man still trying to get this "love" thing right, a great portion of things depicted were actual experiences, yet fictionalized enough to add flavor and intrigue. I will say this, there's one scene in the middle of the novel where I told the scene EXACTLY how it happened.

4. Why did you choose to write romance?

To be truthful, I didn't know this type of story would appeal to the romantic genre. Originally, I thought of it as mainstream, however when approached by people who felt the detailed love scenes bordered on what appears in romance novels. Some books transcend classifications and the I feel proud my novel does this. Some view it as a Romance Novel, others Mainstream - I'm like, whatever. Mostly the response coming from people is "It's Different.". I like being different.

5. What inspired you to write "Six Days in January"?

"Six Days In January" was an introspective catharsis that HAD to be written. In order to unburden my soul, find emotional closure with some painful experiences and renew faith in the person I was capable of being, there had to be a gut check. "Six Days" was that gut check.

6. Who is William Fredrick Cooper?

I'm just a regular guy from Brooklyn, New York who works long hours as an Assistant Managing Clerk at a law firm in Midtown Manhattan.

7. Explain the atmosphere you require to write?

Ooh, this is the one question I couldn't wait to answer. To say music plays such a portion in my writing process is an understatement. Setting an indescribable ambiance for me. Sometimes during Quiet Storm hours, I dim all the lights, fix myself a drink and slip into a trance. Unearthing desires and deep seated passions by way of the written word, I place those thoughts on paper. Like right now: Michael Jackson's "Butterflies" is in my ears. Other times while articulating words on paper, it causes laughter, tears, joy and pain the whole emotional gamut.

8. Can you tell us if you are working on another book and when it will be out?

I'm working on a novel called DAMAGED GOODS that hopefully, will be ready by mid-to-late 2003. And I'm contemplating the release of a book of erotic musings that I may publish simultaneously

9. What message would you like readers to receive by reading "Six Days in January"?

I only hope that women who take time out to read my story realize that every man's psyche is not standing behind a fortress of strength. Some of us are just as vulnerable with regards to matters of the heart. And a man who has courage enough to reveal this shouldn't be perceived as weak. Men and Women, despite our desires, differences dysfunctions, are very similar. WE ALL HAVE BEEN HURT. WE ALL HURT. AND ALL WE REALLY WANT IS TO BE LOVED AND RESPECTED.

The Brothas? We need to start taking changes with our hearts again; Women do it repeatedly. And there's nothing wrong with exhibiting sensitivity and heartfelt compassion; perhaps the right person will appreciate those characteristics and turn your liabilities into strengths; as well as release dormant passions.