Pat Tucker

Pat Tucker
When Loved Ones Lie

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
July 16, 2003

Q. Who is Pat Tucker?

A. Iím a news reporter at Chan 24 in Houston, TX. I have a Bachelorís Degree in Broadcast Journalism from San Jose State University, was born and raised in Los Angeles. I wrote my first novel at 12 years old. It chronicled one of many summers I spent on the south side of Chicago. Even though I enjoyed writing that early in life, it would take years before I believed I could write a real novel, that people might want to buy.

Q. What inspired you to write the novel When Loved Ones Lie?

A. While reporting in Waco, I covered a story about a woman whose man was arrested, she knew very little about his past. I took that and ran with it. Later the outline for When Loved OnesÖ came to me, I named Jon after my then Photographer who told me he thought it was a great idea.

Q. How did you come about the title?

A. It began with How could she knowÖ Should she have known then I figured since the entire book is based on lies the next natural title became When Loved OnesÖ

Q. Since this book was based on whether Jon Sanders was who he said he was, why didnít you go into details about what happened in Tronocones?

A. In the 4th or 5th draft I did, but then toyed with it and decided prior to sending it to the editor that since this was Dotís story and had been all the way through I didnít think it was needed, but had it on stand by incase the editor disagreed. She didnít mention it so I left it out.

Q. How did you come about Veronica and Coryís Characters?

A. I wanted supporting characters who were similar to friends real people have, imperfect. Iíve heard so many women say they no longer try to tell friends about their men b/c often times women who are lost see and believe what they want. I also wanted to touch on the issue of how women can be so cruel to each other sometimes.

Q. How did you come about Dominiqueís Character?

A. She was easiestÖ and came to me the fastest, she represents so many young women I knew growing up, completely dependent on a man, certainly not to Dotís extent, but close. I wanted her to irritate people in the beginning, but wanted to show some growth in her. I think she learned from this experience. I wanted to show hope for people who start out that way.

Q. How did you come about Kelís character?

A. Kel is the friend everyone has, just kind of carefree, simple at times with decisions, but a real good heart deep down inside. I enjoyed her antics.

Q. How long did it take to write this book?

A. I wrote the book in seven months. The re-writing and aspects of publishing took longer.

Q. Did Jeff get his company back?

A. No, he wind up getting some money from Jerrett but moved on after Dotís decision.

Q. Will there be a sequel to this novel?

A. I didnít think so at firstÖ but so many people have asked what happens to Dot, Iíve completed 2 chapters of a story that may be a sequel. But Iím still not sure, if that makes sense.

Q. Are you currently working on another novel?

A. The possible sequel and another my sister Denise says is my best so far, ďBe Still My HeartĒ.

Q. What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

A. This may be weird, but I can write anytime, and anywhereÖ and I do, Iíve belted out the first two pages in shorthand while sitting in traffic of the possible sequel. Iíve written in bed, so I keep a pad next to my bed, because Iím always coming up with ideas. I do most of my fine-tuning in my home office. A small room, with a TV, some artwork I painted, dried roses, and a huge window right next to me. I have a short attention span so I often look out the window, watch TV, listen to music, then 2 chapters later, I donít even realize how long Iíve been at it.

Q. What message would you like readers to receive from this book?

A. Iíd like readers to get several messages from When Loved onesÖ first.. it is very important that we know who we are and where we come from, family history. I alluded to the fact that several characters couldíve been related. I canít tell you how many times Iíve heard friends find unknown relatives in the most interesting ways, and some stories werenít good, ďBe Still My Heart,Ē will take that to another level. Also, I want people to look at these friends, how they treated, and mis treated each other. Most importantly I hope people recognize the importance of dealing with the past and lies no matter how uncomfortable they may be. But I want readers to be truly entertained and hungry for more after reading the story.