T. Weldon Garrett

Mary Monroe
She Had It Coming

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
August 24, 2008

Q.    I have heard of people having more than one relationships at the same time but hearing of someone married to two different men at the same time is different. How did you come about that idea?

A.    I get story ideas from a variety of sources. I got the idea for "She Had It Coming" from a story featured on Court TV one night. It was about a bigamist who was enjoying a double life--until he got caught. I immediately imagined creating a new character and putting her in a similar situation.

Q.    How do you manage to exhibit your storylines so vividly that the readers have a clear vision into each of the character lives? For example: Valerie's beauty and her shortcomings as to why she has difficulties maintaining relationships with men; Paul's mother reason for not liking Dolores; Floyd and Dolores' experiences in growing up in foster homes.

A.    I "see" these stories in my head before I even put them on paper. The characters are composites of people I know. I look at each story as if it were "true", therefore, it has to sound as close to the truth as possible.

Q.    How did you come about the idea for Dolores' character?

A.    I started with a simple "girl next door" premise. From there, the character took on a life of her own.

Q.    What made you choose to send Floyd to prison?

A.    Had I not sent Floyd to prison, this would have been an entirely different story. And I had to put him in a situation that would "justify" Dolores being so devoted to him.

Q.    Why did you decide to have Valerie confess to the murder?

A.    Because despite all that Valerie did, I wanted to redeem her by showing that she had a conscience after all.

Q.    How did you come about the title SHE HAD IT COMING?

A.    My original title was SPIRIT IN THE DARK even though it was somewhat vague and mysterious. My editor suggested that I choose a title that was more provocative. So we came up with SHE HAD IT COMING.

Q.    You had stated in an earlier 2003 interview with me that GONNA LAY DOWN MY BURDENS was your favorite book that you had written. Of all the books you have written since, does GONNA LAY DOWN MY BURDENS continue to be your favorite?

A.    It is still my favorite book!

Q.   Are you currently working on another novel?

A.    As soon as I finish writing one book I start working on the next one.

Q.    Would you give the readers a brief description of your next novel?

A.    GOD AIN'T BLIND will be published in September 2009. It will be the fourth book in my GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY series. It will pick up where GOD DON'T PLAY left off.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading SHE HAD IT COMING?

A.    I write about ordinary people that most of my readers can relate to. But these ordinary people still manage to get themselves into some bizarre situations. I want my readers to be enlightened to the fact that what happens to my characters can happen to anybody. I also want my readers to feel they've been entertained! That's why no matter how bleak and thought provoking my subjects are, I always include some humor.