Patricia Anne Phillips

Patricia Anne Phillips
"Nice Wives Finish First"

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
April 19, 2005

Q.   What inspired you to write the novel Nice Wives Finish First?

A.    I wanted to write a story that every woman could relate to. I think women of all ages, and race, even if they are in a good marriage should read my book. Women tend to place their family first and forget to take the time to think of what they need and want. Also, I wanted women to know that there is life after divorcing.

Q.    How did you come about the title?

A.   Actually, I had a different title, but the publisher came up with Nice Wives Finish First, which I like better.

Q.   How long did it take you to write this novel?

A.   It took me a year to write the novel. Once I thought of the story I ran with it.

Q.   Which out of your three novels: Something In Common, June In Winter, and Nice Wives Finish First, did you enjoy writing the most?

A.   I enjoyed writing Nice Wives Finish First because I knew that it would hit close to home for so many women. Also, I wanted women who are hurt and experiencing a devastated divorce to feel a sense of inner strength to forge ahead and uplift their spirit.

Q.   How did you come about Ashley and Marcusís situation?

A.   Once I came up with the story it was easy to use Ashley and Marcus as main characters. They end up taking me on their journey along with them.

Q.   How did you come about the idea for Ashley to be a dress designer?

A.    I came up with a career as a dress designer because I used to make most of my clothes. I knew about power sewing machines, patterns and how to cut them out. I used to complete a dress for myself in a day.

Q.   How did you come about the idea for Helen to be an author?

A.   Helen is the protagonist in Something In Common, and she was married to Robert. I used her in Nice Wives Finish First because sheís a well-known author and could introduce Ashley to a divorce attorney and new friends.

Q.   Did you do any research to learn about Ashleyís career?

A.   I didnít have to do any research because I already knew enough about dressmaking.

Q.   What kind of atmosphere do you require to write?

A.   I require writing in a quiet atmosphere with soft music, and when Iím alone.

Q.    Are you currently working on another novel?

A.   Yes. Iím now making changes and doing some re-writing on my latest novel.

Q.   What message would you like readers to receive from reading Nice Wives Finish First?

A.   Readers to get the message to have the right to make choices about their lives in a marriage, and communication are very important in a marriage. Love your spouse, but do not lose your identity in a marriage or while dating.