Tina Volpe

Tina Volpe
"The Fast Food CRAZE"

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
March 20, 2006

Q.    Who is Tina Volpe?

A.    I'm a person who had a huge shock as a child, finding my pet pig hanging from a tree, which started me on this journey of health, vegetarianism, and searching for the answers of why, why do we treat our fellow earthlings in this manner?

Q.    What inspired you to write a book about the abuse the food industries are imposing on chicken, pigs and cows?

A.    I started researching factory farming cruelty and the sickness that comes out of these places and just felt devastated. I have read many books on the subject, but none that really spoke to the uneducated public and I felt that such a book was needed to reach the people who were actually eating 'fast food' and were uninformed of the junk they serve us, the lies they tell us, and what goes on behind the scenes. Thus, the short, precise and fact filled pages of "The Fast Food Craze".

Q.    Will you explain to the readers, your opinion of the health danger people are inflicting on themselves by eating meat?

A.    The dangers are unlimited. First, we have salmonella, e-coli, listeria, and all the other pathogens in meat, that have killed thousands of people, and mostly children who's immune systems are not equipped to handle them and are still infecting and killing today. Then there is the concern of hormones & steroids that are injected into the animals to make them grow faster so that they can stay alive to slaughter. If they didn't inject them with these chemicals, most of the animals are so sick they wouldn't make it to slaughter. At this point only 75% do. Children are reaching puberty at obscene ages (one man I spoke with said his 7 year old daughter was in puberty, and it was attributed to the hormones in the meat). Then, to keep from being so sickly and dying before slaughter, they inject them, or their food, with antibiotics. Something that is a huge concern now, as some people, mostly children, are becoming immune to antibiotics, because of the huge amounts in animal products. The worst part is antibiotics don't do a thing for most of the cancers and sickness these animals are enduring. And, the most eminent dangers of all is the strain H5N1, or bird flu, which is spreading like wildfire in the world. It has jumped from birds to humans to cause all kinds of deaths in many, many countries. This flu came from intense factory farming. It is now on the US continent, in BC, Canada.

Because the agribusiness's wants to save money, and because the FDA has okayed this procedure, ground up animals are being fed to one another. It is OKAY to feed dead, pigs and chickens to cows, and dead cows to chickens and pigs. This has caused a major issue in all animals, not just cows, via Mad Cow Disease. Cows are herbivores and that much protein is causing so much disease and sickness it's horrible. The most frightening of all is that Alzheimer's Disease is commonly misdiagnosed, and should be diagnosed as Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, the human form of Mad Cow. There are currently 4 million plus, people in the US alone, diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We all know that these diseases are fatal, and are the most horrible way for any animal to die, human or cow. But the most disturbing of all was that Mad Cow disease was first discovered in sheep... and that the gestation period for this disease is 2-8 years. Most cows never make it to 2 years old before reaching slaughter..... A quick question: Is Mad Cow in the US? Answer: No, because we are eating the evidence.

Q.    What steps should individuals take to become a vegetarian?

A.    Contact me for a free vegetarian starter kit, or a consultation on how you can slowly convert, and how many wonderful meals are available without ever missing meat! www.fastfoodcraze.com

Q.    What type of research did you do to write this book?

A.    5 years of animal/health related research. I visited a slaughterhouse and factory farm and had dreams about it for over a year, hearing the animals screaming and crying out for help. The injustice tortured me so badly that I had to release the information to the public, via a book. I don't care what the cost is, or how much money I make. Every person who reads it will be more informed, and we are, as a race, ultimately compassionate. That is my goal. To make as many people as possible, aware of this horrible cruelty, and to make wiser food choices.

Q.    How did you come about the title?

A.    It came to me in the middle of the night, believe it or not.

Q.    What step should the FDA take to prevent animal abuse?

A.    SHUT DOWN ALL FACTORY FARMS! Start doing the inspections like they should be done! Cow's are downed and dying, with probability of Mad Cow, but if the farmer doesn't report it, the FDA doesn't have a clue, and it is getting into our food chain. If the bird flu isn't the pandemic that is going to kill millions of humans, with these factory farms in place, it's only a matter of time before the next warped virus hits us and kills millions. But, nobody speaks about the billions of chickens they have killed during this flu scare. These are loving creatures that are being buried alive, burned alive and stuck in plastic bags alive to suffocate, all in an effort to save man. Man is who started this whole disease by confining animals too closely and not caring for them properly. My God, what light has to come on before people start to realize, we are going to have retribution to pay if we don't stop treating God's creatures in this manner.

Q.    Are you concerned that someone from the meat industry will try to sue you for speaking out in your book about animal abuse and the health issues from eating meat?

A.    I hope they do. At least the general public will be even more enlightened by the lawsuit, and one vegetarian saves approximately 120 animals per year.

Q.    You talk about the fast food craze but aren't the groceries store chains as equally responsible by selling meat?

A.    Yes, absolutely, they are, but the reason I focused on the fast food giants is because of the high demands they placed on the meat industry, which in my opinion, is what put the small farmers out of business, and gave way to these huge factory farms, or agribusiness who mass produce animals, like commodities. KFC alone kills 740 million chickens a year to fill their US stores. In the US alone, 500,000 animals die every HOUR. It wasn't as much an issue in the 50's, before the fast food giants put thousands of stores in each city. That was where we went wrong. And, it's the consumers fault, for buying their products and making them such giants, but the consumers are mostly, unaware.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading The Fast Food CRAZE A.    I always say "Knowledge is Power". McDonalds alone spends approximately 800 million dollars a year on advertising. They are in a major lawsuit for 'false advertising'. People need to be aware that the obesity problems, as well as cancer, heart disease and most major illnesses come from eating this junk food.