Robert Greer

Michelle Larks

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
March 20, 2009

Lauretta:  Michelle, how did you come about the idea to write THE LEGACIES?

Michelle  The ideas about the storyline just popped into my head one day, I wanted to write a book geared towards younger readers, and voila The Legacies was born.

Lauretta:  How did you come about the title?

Michelle  The title The Legacies seemed applicable, since both my main characters Morgan and Noah were expected to follow in their parent's footsteps as far as career paths were concerned.

Lauretta:  Will you give the readers a brief synopsis of THE LEGACIES?

Michelle  In the tale, The Legacies, two young people, Morgan Daniels, and Noah Stephens born of totally different lifestyles, meet and fall in love while en route to their first year of college, each trying to escape their family legacies. Born to privilege and wealth, Morgan is poised to take over her family's illicit drug empire upon graduation, and Noah's father expects his only son to join him as an assistant pastor in his church after matriculation.

The Legacies is a testimony of how we are all God's children regardless of our choices, and circumstances in life and how God is forgiving. The story also explores how God sends angels along our way to direct our path.

Lauretta:  Morgan and Noah came from different backgrounds, yet their relatives were similar. How did you come about the comparison of both their fatherís being religious?

Michelle  In so many inner city children's lives father's are absent which we always seem to hear about or read in the media. So I wanted to show there are fathers that care about their children. Both men were products of the street during their youth and realized it was God's grace that led them to another path.

Lauretta:  How did you come about the comparison with both of their motherís background surrounding drugs?

Michelle  Jernell, Morgan's mother was born into a life of drugs and embraced the lifestyle. While Noah mother's aspired for a better life for herself and her family.

Lauretta:  How did you formulate Rico and Lucinda's characters?

Michelle  Rico was a man torn because he knew the risks involved with the drug trade up close and personal, so I needed someone close to Morgan to give her guidance and encouragement to shun the drug lifestyle, and her father seemed the obvious choice. Lucinda on the other hand was Morgan's nanny and the person who was emotionally there for Morgan and raised her.

Lauretta:  How did you come about Jernellís character?

Michelle  Jernell was a tortured soul, sacrificing her life for the family business. She was proud because she was able to achieve what her mother couldn't and then torn because in her heart she wanted better for Morgan.

Lauretta:  How did you come about Big Mommaís character?

Michelle  Big Momma was a ruthless character and in this type of story you need that kind of contrast to other characters and Big Mama had to be the one. She was a true testament to the phrase nothing and no one before the family.

Lauretta:  Are you currently working on another book?

Michelle  I have another book coming out with Urban in June 2009 titled Til Debt Do Us Part. And it's about a soprano in the prominent Chicago based church choir battling a fierce gambling addicition.

Lauretta:  What message would you like readers to receive from reading THE LEGACIES?

Michelle  I'd like to readers of The Legacies to take with them that regardless of our status in life we are all God's children. Though we make think we're in control, God is still ultimately the one who is and we can endure all types of hardships through his grace and mercy.