Kimberla Lawson Roby

Kimberla Lawson Roby
Changing Faces

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
January 18, 2008

Q.    How did you come about the idea to write Changing Faces?

A.   I wanted to write a story that centered on three women who were best friends but who also had three totally different personalities and issues they were dealing with. Additionally, I wanted to write about the Whitney character in particular, because I started paying a lot of attention to the fact that sixty-five percent of all Americans are overweight in this country.

Q.    How did you come about Taylorís situation surrounding her illness?

A.   I actually had a friend who had the same symptoms as Taylor, and then I started hearing so many other women say they were going through the same thing. So, after that, I decided that Taylor's kind of illness is very, very common but one that isn't talked about nearly enough.

Q.    How did you come about Whitneyís situation surrounding her weight?

A.   I looked at the majority of women in this country who fall into the overweight category, including me. I've never known what it's like to be one hundred pounds overweight the way my character is, but I do know what it's like to be forty pounds heavier than I am today and not be happy with the way I felt or looked.

Q.    How did you come about Charisseís situation surrounding her family?

A.   Charisse was probably the most complex character in the book, and I have to say that I used lots of imagination and creativity to create her character. At the same time, I think we all have met people like Charisse, who aren't necessarily the nicest people in the world and who have also been raised in troubled home environments.

Q.    How would you compare Pastorís Damonís character to Reverend Curtis Black character?

A.   I probably wouldn't compare them much at all because there's only one Reverend Curtis Black! It is true that Pastor Damon has problems with infidelity the same as Curtis but other than that, their personalities, levels of charisma, etc. are completely different.

Q.    Do you base any of your characters on anyone you know?

A.   The one time I truly based a character on someone I know was when I wrote IT'S A THIN LINE. I based the Sydney and Delores characters almost completely on my mom and me, and because my mom really was terminally ill and eventually passed away, the writing of that novel proved to be very therapeutic for me.

Q.    Will you give the readers a brief synopsis of your ninth book Love & Lies?

A.   LOVE & LIES is the fourth installment in my Reverend Curtis Black series and finds Curtis and his third wife Charlotte dealing with more lies and more drama.

Q.    You currently have a book that is released this month called Sin No More. Will you give the readers a brief synopsis of this book?

A.   SIN NO MORE is my tenth novel and the fifth installment in my Reverend Curtis Black series and this time readers will find more evil besetting the couple than ever before. They'll quickly see that Curtis and Charlotte are finally reaping all the terrible things they have sown.

Q.    Are you currently working on another book?

A.   Yes, I'm working on my January 2009 novel, but I also have another book being released this year in June 2008 entitled ONE IN A MILLION.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading Changing Faces?

A.   That we all reap what we sow and that one of the best things we can do in life is treat people the way we wanted to be treated. The other thing is that we should work very hard at trying to do the right thing.