Dorothy Elizabeth Love

Dorothy Elizabeth Love
Everlasting Moments

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
March 6, 2003

1. Who is Dorothy Elizabeth Love?

About the Author: Dorothy Elizabeth Love's 4-star novels spark conversation. She's known for writing memorable characters, intriguing plots with wonderful endings. If you haven't discovered her work yet, you're in for a thrill. She is also a motivational speaker who teaches workshops on developing and improving the art of writing. She has self-published an instructional guide called "Putting the Pep in Plotting" which outlines the basics for developing a novel from scratch.

From the Author: "I have this unyielding belief that love can conquer just about all. Hence the reason I enjoy writing stories which depict issues affecting African Americans but always has a sprinkle of that wonderful ingredient called 'romance'. My goal is to provide a form of entertainment that allows readers to transcend their current situation, if only for a moment, to be pleasantly entertained and emotionally moved. Although I write to entertain, I also believe in awareness. So social issues that impact African Americans are also addressed in my novels. My characters are flawed yet constantly strive to overcome. Like most of us, just enhanced a little.

I'm addicted to writing just as much as I'm hooked on enjoying life. I look forward to the day that I can write full-time. For now I'll continue consulting with technology companies and traveling internationally. I was born and raised in Florida, lived in both North and South America, love cats and eagerly looking for the next place to move to. The good part about my traveling experiences is that they're fueling my new line of novels.

My first novel was published in 1999. Since then, I've completed over nine novels, three short stories, a self-help guide, and outlined a dozen other manuscripts."

2. What inspired you to write "Everlasting Moments?"

My third published novel, Everlasting Moments, is the first novel of my TLC Series, which means it's a story designed to cuddle your senses. Each of the novels in this new line will feature an exciting romantic place and have a bit of comedy. This novel is set in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you've never traveled there, expect to take a nice trip right from the comforts of home.

Everlasting Moments is a story about having the courage to overcome pains of the past in order to embrace one's future. Rhea, on temporary assignment, meets Gustavo in festive Rio de Janeiro. The last thing she is looking to do is open her heart again. Especially to a ladies' man like Gustavo. He obviously has other plans for Rhea and is determined to win the one thing she doesn't want to lose. Until the moment she discovers losing may be the only thing that can save them both.

They wanted everlasting: They were given a moment.

3. How did you come up with the title "Everlasting Moments?"

For some reason the titles of my novels always reflect my ideals about the Hero, the male character. Gustavo Owens was looking for more than just a great time, another temporary love in his life. Although a decent man and good-looking person, the rejection he'd experienced in his past made him believe he would never get more than just 'short precious moments' of joy with a woman. What he wants, long for is something everlasting. Hence the title "Everlasting Moments". 4. How did you come about Rhea and Gustavo character?

My female characters will always be strong, independent women who are facing life challenges but in the end, comes out on top. I think that's true about majority Black women in our society. Certainly, true of me. So when I created Rhea, I wanted someone who represented Black women but also knew how to quickly bounce back when 'trouble' came her way.

Her bounce-back ability was the perfect personality for someone like Gustavo who seemed to torture himself when things when wrong even though the world around him didn't. It was Rhea's strength that Gustavo felt drawn to, longed for and eventually fell in love with.

Gustavo is a tall, all-out fine, scrumptious looking brotha. A girl's dream guy. When I create male characters, I build his image--even though he's flawed with personal issues--around what I want, what I think women want, when we dream of the perfect male.

5. Why did you choose to use Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to tell your story?

Brazil is rich in African culture. Unlike the USA, slaves in Brazil were freed via a willing presidential decree. Because of that, African culture is embraced therefore strongly influence Brazilian lifestyle. I wanted to capture that in story form.

What better way to kick off my new Travel and Love Collection (TLC) novels. Each novel in this line will be set in an exotic place. I hope readers enjoy a small chance to escape into the romantic, fun fantasy of Everlasting Moments.

6. Did you write "Everlasting Moments" while living in Rio?

I lived in Rio de Janeiro for two years. I sold my second novel, And Then Came You, to a USA publisher while there. It was difficult to give up the beach, mountains, lake, wonderful nightlife and everyday scenic fun to order to write, but I managed to complete my first mystery novel, which I'm in the process of selling.

7. How long did it take you to write, "Everlasting Moments?"

It took Fifteen (15) days to complete the first draft. I'd just moved back to the USA and had nothing to distract me. Since I'd lived in Rio, I based a lot of the novel on personal experiences. My Brazilian friends will see a lot of themselves in that story, even though the love story was spun from the depths of my imagination.

8. Are there any of your personality in LaShawn, Liz or Rhea?

LaShawn was the conniving, bad girl. Liz was a driven, business-minded accomplisher. Rhea was a balance of the two. Rhea knew what she wanted in life and went after it, but she didn't take crap from anyone. I would like to think I'm more of a "Rhea type," but I'm sure folks will tell you I'm probably the "Liz type."

9. How many books have you written?

I have several lines of stories I've completed.

The Ryan Family Collection:
- "Whispers in the Night" (in bookstores)
- "And Then Came You" (in bookstores)
- "Taken By You" (due 2004)

The (TLC) Series:
- "Everlasting Moments" (in bookstores)
- "When Dreams Float" (due June 2003)
- "Crossing Path, Untamed Memories" (working title, targeting March 2004)

The UNPack Romance Series:
- "Undeniable" (completed)
- "Unforgettable" (in the works)

Mystery Line:
- "You're Mine" (completed and agent has for sale)

Mainstream Line:
- "On the Wings of Hope" (draft completed)
Plus another half dozen in the works!

10. Are you currently working on another novel?

Yes. "Crossing Path, Untamed Memories" is the third novel in the TLC series. The setting is Barbados. A Caribbean setting for another hot, steamy romance. I'm under contract to release this book early 2004. Readers should check back with me via my website: because a Romantic Trip Giveway to Barbados is being negotiated. Readers can read the book then WIN a trip to experience it for themselves.

11. What type of atmosphere do you require to write in?

I can write just about anywhere as long as I can see the outdoors. Nature inspires me.

12. What message would you like readers to receive from reading "Everlasting Moments?"

I write a variety of stories. My first two novels dealt with more serious issues that affect African Americans. The new TLC Series gives me, and hopefully my readers, a chance to explore the lighter side of life. These novels are designed to cuddle the reader's senses and tickle their fantasies. I want readers to escape into the romantic, fun fantasy of the books in this line and hopefully learn something about the place via the novel's setting.