Fancis Ray

Tawanda J. Jones

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
March 1, 2008

Q.   Who is Tawanda J. Jones?

A.    Tawanda Joy (Simpson) Jones was born in Waukegan, Illinois to J.W. and Ella Mae Simpson. She is the mother of two daughters Toyanda and Shawndra and a God given son Myron and grandmother of four. At present Tawanda is an associate minister and Sunday school teacher at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Lima, Ohio. She has arranged trips to the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conferences. A strong speaker for God and prayer warrior, she does speaking and hosting engagements when asked. She has taken courses at Tabernacle Institute of Biblical Studies, Lima, Ohio and correspondence courses through Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois. Tawanda retired from General Motors Corporation and is seeking to do all she can for the up lifting of the kingdom of God. Tawandaís achievements consist of a correspondence diploma in Medical/Dental Office Assistant, Scranton, Pennsylvania; certificate in Accounting from Apollo Joint Vocational School; certificate from Tabernacle Institute of Biblical Studies and two years regular studies at Ohio State Branch College, Lima, Ohio. She is the author of the book: "REVELATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE". Her guiding scriptures are, Acts 18:9,10 "Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city." Psalm 23:1a "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."

Q.   What inspired you to write REVELATION FROM EXPERIENCE?

A.   The inspiration to write REVELATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE came about after I wrote the booklet UNAPPROVED DECISION. UNAPPROVED DECISION is about a major car accident I was in back in December 1995. In this booklet I described my pain and the experiences I went through as well as the emotions of the people in my life. Thereafter I realized that I needed to write more about lifeís experiences, but include other peopleís lives as well.

Q.   How did you come about the title?

A.   I gave the title REVELATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE to my book because knowledge was gained from every experience mentioned in the book as well as my reasons for writing it.

Q.   How long have you been writing?

A.   My writing ability I just happened upon in 1989. One morning I woke up with a dream so vivid in my mind that I decided to write it down. After writing it down I saw that it was over 40 pages long and so I named it NAJULAíS HOUSE GUEST. Thereafter I wrote other short stories (none of them published yet).

Q.   Will you give the readers a brief synopsis of your book?

A.   REVELATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE has an eye opening degree of words that tells the reader that there are people who have gone through similar things as that they have gone through. It gives excellent reasons and examples of lifeís series. And knowledge that shows to us the invisible world around us. The book makes the statement, "To live is to gain". And itís true, we gain something everyday. The main thing we gain is knowledge, and thatís because everyday we learn something we didnít know before. A lot of times we will realize the new knowledge and other times it just goes right over our head. So donít miss anything; ask God to help the mind to grasp that that is important.

Q.   How long did it take you to write REVELATION FROM EXPERIENCE?

A.   It took two years to write REVELATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE. At the start of writing this material I had know plans to publish it until I noticed it consisted of over 120 pages.

Q.    Are you currently working on another book?

A.   At the moment I am currently working on three more books, plus a childrenís animated series. Of which I plan to publish before the year is out.

Q.   What part of REVELATION FROM EXPERIENCE was your favorite to write?

A.   Chapters 4,6,7 are my favorite parts of the book. Because number one I truly do believe that God knows absolutely everything about us and that there is nothing we can ever hide from Him. And number two I realize that the children are our future and I feel that it is very important to make sure our children are properly reared in the Biblical way.

Q.   What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

A.   When writing I enjoy quiet because it allows my thought process to reach into the spiritual realm and glean understanding to my word thoughts.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading REVELATION FROM EXPERIENCE?

A.   The message I would like readers to receive from reading REVELATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE is that everyone can learn from each others experiences. And that this book can be used by many Christians to acquire answers to some questions of concern or even learn something they never knew.