Michael Gainer

Michael Gainer
Dumb As Me

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
May 20, 2003

Q - Who is Michael Gainer?

A - I am an author that is not looking to reinvent the wheel, just make it spin a little differently. I have many unique stories to share with my readers. I’m simply a modern day storyteller who welcomes readers to go on journeys within my imagination.

Q - What inspired you to write “DUMB AS ME?”

A - No one particular thing, person, or event inspired me to write Dumb As Me. Frankly, it just happened. The novel was very lengthy at first, but since this was my first published novel, I decided to allow readers to get right to the “MEAT” of the story. The remainder of the story will be released in 2004 entitled JUSTIN: exit from paradise.

Q - How did you come about the title?

A - Dumb Ass Me was something I would say to myself every time I did something stupid or screwed something up. After completing the book, I thought that title was only fitting since Justin not only ruined his life, but the lives of most of the people that came into contact with him.

Q - How did you come about Justin’s character?

A - Justin is a combination of many people. A bit of his personality was derived from me. Some of him are my friends, and little of my pet Pitbull! However, most of him is my creation.

Q - What is Justin’’s occupation?

A. Justin is an Investment Broker. However, most of Justin’s friends don’t quite understand the complexities of the job, so they think he’s similar to the character of Tommy on Martin - no real job to speak of.

Q - How long have you been writing?

A - As I said I am a storyteller. I’ve been writing and telling my “tales” for what seems like an eternity. I have been writing to publish for the mainstream the past three years.

Q - Are you currently working on another book?

A - Yes. One Life No $equel is the next title to be released. One Life is packed with non-stop action. Dumb As Me was an appetizer, One Life is definitely a main course!

Q - Is there any of your personality in Justin?

A - Of course. I believe every man and woman has a little Justin potential.

Q - How did you come about Alexis and Eden characters?

A - The planet earth is a breeding ground of complex and simple characters. I did not set out to create either character, they simply evolved.

Q - What message would you like readers to receive from read “DUMB AS ME?”

A - Each reader will receive a different message from Dumb As Me. The message will depend on each reader’s background experience with the theme of the novel. Some will internalize it and cry, others will take it for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT.