Joan Johnston

Marsh “Reggie” White

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
September 30, 2005

Q.    Who is Marsh “Reggie” White?

A.    I am a Christian who happens to be a retired NFL professional athlete who played for the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions. I am from the big city Metropolis of Mulberry, Texas which is buried under a hot east Texas sun surrounded by cedars, pines, and oak trees. It's contains all of 250 people after you have counted all the dogs and cats and a few roosters. Most recently I have been involved in short termed missions to Africa, China, Russia, South America, and Indonesia.

Q.    What inspired you to write A HUDDLE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS?

A.    The greeks have an exciting word picture to describe what inspired me to write A Huddle for Righteousness. We get our word "hypocrite" from the greek theater where they wore mask on long sticks as they paraded across the stage to portray an image that was false. After jumping through hoops, shooting blanks, and having my gas tank come up empty in the Christian life trying to portray an image that I was not, I decided that I had had enough of the theater. That is when the grace of God stepped in and rearranged my life. Tell me it is a cliche' if you like and that you have heard it all before; all that I know is that I have proof of the change if you so desire to see and hear my testimony. Out of this experience comes "A HUDDLE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS".

Q.    How did you come about the title?

A.    The title of my book came about from a very vivid image found in the scriptures that says, "we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who have run this race before us and have succeeded in living the righteous life. I took the image of the stadiums that I have played in for many years when I was surrounded by thousands of witnesses and plugged this image into my title. You and I are surrounded not by thousands in the Texas Stadiums of the world but my thousands who have gone before us and have huddled around us to encourage us in our living of the righteous life in Christ?

Q.    How long have you been writing?

A.    I have been writing every since the seventh grade and that is when I made a promise to myself and my teachers that I was going to write a book someday. The look in my teachers and everyone else's eyes were "not if you are from Mulberry, Texas type look". This year I have kept my promise.

Q.    Are you currently working on another book?

A.    Yes. There will be a follow up to "A Huddle for Righteousness" called "The Masters Touch". Once we discover that we are righteous before God the question that logically follows is "So what do I do now?" That is my next book.

Q.    Will you give the readers a brief synopsis of your book?

A.    The Huddle for Righteousness is a narrative taken from the lives of biblical characters from Hebrews chapter 11 and the hall of fame of faith. It also involves a court room drama scene that is played out in the heavenlies . The setting is a court room in heaven with the defendant being from earth. The motif of this book is showing how God must provide for men a righteousness that will exempt them from judgment without compromising his own nature and character.. It shows that this is man’s only hope for salvation and it leaves God with no other choice in the salvation of men. It is a book that lays out precedents for its case from the Old Testament through the New Testament. The main characters in this drama are God as the judge, Satan as the prosecutor, the Angel of Jehovah as the defense attorney, and Joshua the High Priest as the defendant. The average person will be able to picture themselves before the throne of God and back to earth again as the court wrestles with the issue of the sins of man and the righteousness demands of God and his holy nature. The ending of this drama finds Joshua standing before the judge to receive his sentencing for his sins committed. It is dramatic and engaging throughout the book but most of all truthful as I hope to ease some of the fears surrounding the unknowns of my audience concerning the future and their own concerns about their lives before God and their own judgment to come?

Q.    Did you do any research to write your book?

A.    Yes. The research for this book is mainly from a historical and biblical perspective as I trace the lives of Abraham, Moses, Mary Magdelene, and the concept of what it means to be really righteous before a holy God. In some instances I do ask my readers for poetic license in order to make clear certain points and ideas that I cover in the book. The topic of righteousness is not an easy concept to put on the cookie shelf for everyone to reach.

Q.    Have you written other book?

A.    No, I have not written any other books at this time. However, I do have articles in the award winning magazine "Kindred Spirit" from Dallas Theological Seminary along with a campus journal.

Q.    What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

A.    The atmosphere that I insist on is total quiet in order for me to concentrate and to use my creativity. Also I cannot write in a dirty room or a dirty house. Things do have to be neat and orderly or my mind and creativity will go south on me until things are cleaned up.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading A HUDDLE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS?

A.    The message of "A Huddle for Righteousness" needs to be very clear to all of mankind and this is that God has given us his righteousness through Jesus Chris in order for us to not only have eternal life but for us to live an earthly life that is free of condemnation and guilt and by virtue of Christ in us having the power to live the Christian life. Being right before God is not something that you do it is something that you are in Christ Jesus.