Gayle Jackson Sloan

Gayle Jackson Sloan

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
December 31, 2005

Q.    Who is Gayle Jackson Sloan?

A.   I haven't a clue. Everytime I think I know, something new pops up.

Q.    What inspired you to write the novel WEDNESDAY’S WOES?

A.   It is the follow up to Saturday's Child. The character of Zoe intrigued me from SC and I had to see what she was about.

Q.    How did you come about the title?

A.   In Saturday's Child, the main character, Sara says something about her sister Zoe must have been born on a Wednesday because she had woes than the law should allow, hence the title.

Q.    How did you come about Zoe’s character?

A.   As I mentioned, she was born in my first book and is the sister to Sara from SC.

Q.    How did you come about the situation surrounding Antonio?

A.   Well, there are a lot of May/December romances out there, and when it is the woman that is older, it always seems to freak people out.

Q.   How did you come about Vaughn’s character?

A.   Vaughn appears to be basically a decent guy other than the fact that he has issues with trying to keep it in his pants. Good father, lousy husband and not that great at being an ex-husband either. Most women have been involved with, married to or dated a Vaughn.

Q.    How did you come about Sara, Gina and Stephanie’s characters?

A.   Sara is a lot like me; plain spoken, says whatever she feels off the top of her head. We both need to learn to control that. LOL Gina is the holistic sister who always believes there is a crystal, herb, vitamin or tea for everything that ails you. Steph is the revolutionary from back in the day that still wears that 'fro and ready to do battle against "the man," but probably doesn't have one.

Q.   How long have you been writing?

A.   Since I was a little girl. I used to write poetry a lot when I was a teenager, but stopped. I attempted to write my first book in 1989 and had over three hundred pages done when my computer crashed and I lost it all. I have been a published author, however, since 2001. As a matter of fact, characters from that first book, are in Wednesday's Woes. Danita, Zenobia and that whole crew were from that first attempt. Characters, once created, become like out of work actors, and you are their agent. They keep bugging you until you put them in something.

Q.    How many books have you written?

A.   That have been published? Only two.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading WEDNESDAY’S WOES?

A.   That's a hard one to answer because different people have told me they have gotten different things from it. I guess the underlying message is about relationships and how you can never take for granted that things will always stay the same. Situations can change at the blink of an eye, and we have to cherish what we have today because tomorrow is never promised to anyone.