Timmothy McCann

Timmothy McCann

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
October 13, 2002

1. Who is Timmothy McCann?

Nothing like a deceptively simple question to start an interview. :) But I would answer that question by saying I am a multitude of things all rolled into one. I am that neighbor who is very political and always shares their opinion of the world with you. I am that Son who calls his Mom up when he is driving around town to see if he can pick up something from the store. I am that guy your girlfriend tells you about who just wrote her a five page poem. I am the black man you read about who handles his business by accepting his role as a single father.

2. What inspired you to write the novel EMOTIONS?

I am always curious as to why people act the way they do. I think most writers share this trait so to answer my questions I decided to write a book about it. I also was tired of reading about women who were being dogged out by brothers. Now don't get me wrong, I don't male or female bash--but I did want to spin a tail I have always wondered about but never heard. So I wrote it.

3. How long have you been writing?

Professionally since 1995 although I knew I wanted to be a writer since the age of 8. I don't think I ever chose to be a writer--I think writing chose me.

4. How did you come about the title EMOTIONS?

Owww good questions. I wanted to write the book where there was a continuous cliff hanger. In other words my goal was to not make the reader read the entire book. Not to have them read one more chapter. My goal was much more modest. To get them to read one more page. And if this is your goal you have to stack the novel with "Emotions."

5. How many books have you written?

5 1/2
1999 Until...
2000 Always
2001 Forever
2002 Emotions
Unsold entitled One Witness
2004 (Title withheld)

6. How did you come about the plot surrounding Joi and Phil?

Joi is one of the more complicated females I have ever written and I wanted her to be in a relationship where she was ultimately empowered. Not the sister running behind the guys car in her house coat--but a sister who says "I love you but I will not beg you to stay." In regard to Philip, how many men have you read about who went out and had an affair. But what if the script was flipped? How would he react? Thus the creation of Philip.

7. How did you come about the plot surround Michael and Joi?

Michael is a brother living in the shadows. The shadows of his father. The shadows of his own ambition. The shadows of his inadequacies and fears. But there is a strong parallel between he and Joi because she to is traveling a journey of self discovery. These are two different in two totally different places in life--traveling the exact same path.

8. How did you come about the plot surrounding Michael and Ani?

Ani in my opinion is the most beautiful character in the book because her beauty shines from the inside out. I wanted a character that would be totally opposite of Michael and thus I created Ani. She is his conscious in many ways. The him he is trying so desperately to discover.

9. Are you currently working on another novel?

It seems I am always working on a novel and yes I am. As of yet I cannot disclose the name or the subject matter but I think it will be my most compelling work to date.

10. Are there any of your personalities in any of the characters?

I think any writer that says he or she is not in their character is being less then honest. There are bits and pieces of me in my children and there are bits and pieces of me in my novels as well.

11. How long did it take you to write EMOTIONS?

It took years to plot. I spend the majority of my time working on the structure and feel of the novel therefore when I start writing its almost like I am taking dictation.

12. What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

TV on ... kids making noise.... radio on as well. I need sounds to feed off. Please don't ask me why.

13. What message would you like your readers to receive from reading EMOTIONS?

The novel starts with the words:
"People live their entire life wearing a mask. We go to the same church our parents go to. We live in the same physical and mental states our parents resided. We even find solace in pursuing the same careers as Mom and dad. Is that who we are? A lost generation, indebted to a past generation?"

I think that sets the tone for the novel that delves into the person we are when we pull off the masks. When we uncover all of our Emotions.