Michael Laimo

Michael Laimo

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
May 1, 2008

Q.   Who is Michael Laimo?

A.    Michael ‘Laimo’ is a 42 year-old man from Long Island NY. He’s a family man, a salesman by trade, and writer at heart. He’s been writing for 15 years, and hopes to do it forever.

Q.   How did you come about the idea to write FIRES RISING?

A.    FIRES RISING is an extension of my novella Desecration, which was published by Bloodletting Books last year. It came about in a series of stages. I was asked to write a religious/horror novella for a publisher that eventually folded. When Bloodletting bought it, I’d read it and thought it could be so much more, and extended it into FIRES RISING.

Q.    What did the Latin word (Castigo laudable, corpus meum) that was written outside the crate mean?

A.    It means, ‘I discipline my body and bring it into subjection’. In my opinion, it was an omen warning those receiving the box that evils would be released within, thereby subjecting those in its presence to evil’s discipline.

Q.   The crate was suppose to come from Italy as a gift from the Pope, yet the manifest read origin unknown. Where did the Crate come from?

A.    Jerusalem.

Q.   Was the document in which the Monsignor read, the correct document that went with the crate?

A.    Yes.

Q.    When the mother placed the rosary in her son's hand she called it the Holy Grail. What is the Holy Grail?

A.    As in The DaVinci Code, for me, the holy grail is subject to interpretation, which allows for a wealth of imaginative fiction.

Q.    Why was the Rosary referred to as the Holy Grail?

A.    The mother who handed it to her son knew of its power, and had come to assume it as the eternal token of power.

Q.    What did the Chalice (the cup) mean to the beast?

A.    To the beast, it might have been the holy grail itself, which to the beast, in its possession, could be used to keep ‘goodness’ at bay.

Q.    Why was the Rosary and the Chalice buried in the crate?

A.    To keep evil buried forever. The rosary was there to keep it from emerging. To ‘offset’ evil.

Q.    What message would you like readers to receive from reading FIRES RISING?

A.    The only message I wish to convey in my books is that I could be the writer they go to for an entertaining read.