Lee Ann Butler-Owens

Lee Ann Butler-Owens
"Colleen’s Doll House"

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
October 26, 2005

Q.   Who is Lee Ann Butler-Owens?

A.   I am just learning who Lee Ann Butler-Owens is! She is a composer, and author and now the founder of Lullalee Productions and Services a non-profit organization that provides free books and events for children that are financially disadvantaged, physically or mentally challenged.

Q.    What inspired you to create the LullaLee Series?

A.   I am a flight attendant for a major carrier. I flew with all of the pilots for my carrier that perrished on September 11, 2001. With-in one year of September 11th, I lost my cousin from breast cancer and my grandmother (the rock of our family) in the same week. My cousin left a five year old girl that was withdrawn after her mother's death. I wanted to do something to help her through the pain. So I wrote the first book "Colleen's Doll House and dedicated it to her.

Q.    How did you come about the story for Colleen’s Doll House?

A.   I wanted to use a positive situation ...so I wrote about my sister colleen and how difficult it was when I went away to school. The purpose of book is to prepare young children socially and emotionally.

Q.    Are your LullaLee Series in both books and audio?

A.   In 2006, my books will be in written form...they are currently in audio.

Q.    How have your series influenced your life in the literary community with promotion?

A.   Very much so. Because I wrote this book and started working with children with special needs...I started my non-profit and dedicate everything to children that need.

Q.    Are you currently working on a project?

A.   The skyline Literacy Project- a Teaching lab at a community college, My company will provide the materials free for the children and the students. The Early child hood students will learn about teaching...and the children of the preschool on the campus will receive role model bonding and free books.

The Shriners hospital project- Annual magical event for the hospital children- in a carnival setting complete with balloons, pizza, spun cotton candy, popping corn and a host of entertainment. (Magicians, marrionettes, costumed characters and clowns!) Each child receives free books and teddy bears.

Uganda Project- free books for the children, orphans and widows

Seoul Project-free books for the children at Hwawon Middle school

Q.    What type of project with this series have you had involving children?

A.    shriners hospital

Q.    Are your audios in schools and libraries?

A.   No...

Q.   What message would you like children to receive from listening to the Colleen’s Doll House Audio?

A.   Each child has a gift...find the gift and share it with others!