C. F. Hawthorne

C. F. Hawthorne

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
July 26, 2004

Q. What inspired you to write HOMELESS LOVE?

A. I wrote Homeless Love because I feel there are a great deal of people that only need love in their life to make things all right. Not saying that we can't continued in this world without it, but those of us that has love knows that it takes us a very long way in life.

Q. How did you come about the title?

A. I worked in the homeless shelter and met a great deal of great men. That I had a nice friendship with and my friends would say, you better keep your eye on that man. Why you talking to that guy. So I asked the question, could I fall for true homeless man and could I love a homeless man, no matter what my family and friends may say.

Q. How did you come up with the ideal for Franklin's situation?

A. Once again I met a homeless man that spoke so well I simply could not believe he should be homeless and he played a harmonica so well you would just melt, also I love to hear a sax player.

Q. How did you come about the Judge's character?

A. My father and my husband are very proud men of the family.

Q. How did you come about Nina's character?

A. How many women do you know that has everything they could want, but they are unable to find that perfect man, because they expect them to already come perfect, Nina is a few single women. That can admit I really want a man.

Q. Do you know anyone like Aunt Louise?

A. How funny. No but I know a few older women that are not going out graciously. They still got it. and I based Aunt Louise on those women. I love aunt Louise.

Q. Which did you enjoy writing the most: For Every Black Eye or Homeless Love?

A. I must say that I enjoyed writing them both. They both brought a new awareness to my life about my sisters and brothers that live around me. My third novel Tears In My Joy The Masquerade. I am truly enjoying writing this one, because I know what's in store for the reader once you get caught up in this family. Smiles.

Q. Which of the characters from this novel did you like writing the most?

A. The judge and Alex. The judge because I wanted the reader to see you can have all the power and forced respect and money but if you don't have love you can be left standing out in the cold alone. Alex, because there is always someone out there that God has for you that will make you do right, and real love will always tame the savage Beast.

Q. How long did it take you to write HOMELESS LOVE?

A. It took me 60 days to write Homeless Love and 1 year to rewrite it.

Q. What message would you like readers to receive from reading HOMELESS LOVE?

A. Love is a gift, and as it is given so can it be taking away. The lord only wants us to love one another.