Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown
Blind Faith

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
March 27, 2003

1. Who is Stacy Brown?

A New York City native, journalist and proud father of two.

2. What inspired you to write "Blind Faith?"

The title itself should give you the answer, it was truly a miraculous journey. The depths of Lula Hardaway and her children's lives are extraordinary. The hardship, sacrifice and perserverance Hardaway displayed from childhood through today is inspiration enough.

3. How did you meet Dennis Love?

Dennis and I met as co-workers for the Daily News of Los Angeles, where we were news reporters.

4. How long have you been writing?

I've been writing professionally for about 10 years now. But have always written. I used to write the current events for my first grade class and won't forget my teacher Mrs. Ribner. Other teachers from 2nd to 5th- Mrs. Labate, Mrs. Greene, Mr. Zachary and Mrs. Kent also encouraged me and my 6th grade teacher Mr. George Watson was my driving force. I owe him a great deal of credit.

5. Will you be writing more biography?

Absolutely. There are currently a few things in the works right now. I also look forward to working with Dennis again, he's absolutely brilliant.

6. Who decision was it to do a biography of Lula Hardaway?

It was Lula Hardaway's decision. She called me at work one day and said how she had heard that I was a good writer and someone to be trusted and would I be interested. She said it was something that she'd wanted to do for a very long time; a lifelong dream. After meeting with her, I called Dennis and asked him to co-author.

7. Did Stevie Wonder give any input for "Blind Faith?"

Yes, Stevie was very helpful. We sat with him a number of times and spoke on the phone as well for countless hours. I remember a few Thanksgivings ago when Ms. Hardaway insisted I come by and speak with the two of them (I don't celebrate Thanksgiving as I am a Jehovah's Witness). I came by and Stevie says we'll talk after dinner. Well, after dinner Stevie decides to give an impromptu concert. He sat at the piano for more than an hour trying out new songs and even belting out my favorite "I Wish."

8. Did Barry Gordon give any input for "Blind Faith?"

I spoke with Berry Gordy backstage at a Temptations/Four Tops concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles in November 2000. He was cordial and seemed very interested to speak of both Stevie and his mom.

9. Have you written other books?

Blind Faith was the first for both Dennis and I

10. What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

I don't need a specific atmosphere. Whatever the atmosphere, as a writer, you thrive on capturing it in your story. I feel we did an excellent job in capturing it in Blind Faith.

11. What message would you like readers to receive from reading "Blind Faith?"

The message I like readers to get is that everyone, except God, has a beginning. Stevie Wonder's beginning starts with Lula Mae Hardaway. Without her there is no him. Also, celebrities are just regular people. They bleed, they cry, they laugh. We shouldn't idolize them. They, in turn, should try and stay as grounded as possible and be sure and put God and family first. It's sad that many celebrities go on power trips and hurt their own family. I hope everyone, whether they are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, President Bush or anyone, the importance of family and the importance of parents.