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2006 Recipients
Year Authors of the Year Who's Who in the
Literary Society
Books of the Year
January Marsh "Reggie" White
A Huddle For Righteousness
Marlive Harris
The Grits dot-com
Cheryl Holt
Too Hot To Handle
February Freddie Lee Johnson III
Other Men’s Wives
Joan Johnston
The Price
L. A. Banks
The Hunted
March Rashida Aisha Ali
Help I Need a Fan
Denise Michelle Harris
Sweet Bye-Bye
Chris O'Grady
The Curious Exchange
April Angela Knight
The Forever Kiss
Lee Ann Butler-Owens
Colleen's Doll House
Maxine Thompson
The Ebony Tree
May Priscilla A. Maine
Journey of the Eagle
Tony Rose
CEO of Amber Communications Group, Inc.
Francis Ray
Any Rich Man Will Do
June Jim Goulding
Toni Blake
In Your Wildest Dreams
Mary Monroe
In Sheep's Clothing
July Charles L. Chatmon
The Voices of South Central
Tina Volpe
The Fast Food Craze
Gayle Jackson Sloan
Wednesday’s Woes
August Mark D. Crutcher
Britta Coleman
Potter Springs
Robert Greer
Resurrecting Langston Blue
September Lori Avocato
A Dose of Murder
Tim Teeter
Swinging Bridges
Lisa Jackson
October Gunnar Jensen
What If?
Johnathan M. Isom
Darrell Bain
The Melanin Apocalypse
November Stephen LaFevers
Hypnosis in Healthcare
V. Anthony Rivers
My Life Is All I Have
C. Kelly Robinson
The One That Got Away
December David S. Brody
The Wrong Abraham
David W. Powell
My Tour In Hell
Dorien Grey
The Paper Mirror

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