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2005 Recipients
Year Authors of the Year Who's Who in the
Literary Society
Books of the Year
January Edith Tarbescu
Bring Back My Gerbil!
William "Bill" Rancic
You're Hired
Maxine Thompson
No Pockets In A Shroud
February Marilyn Meredith
Wing Beat
Trisha R. Thomas
Would I Lie to You
Cheryl Holt
More Than Seduction
March Ronnie Mills
Mike and Tracy Davenport
Making Life Better for a Baby with Acid Reflux
Michelle Larks
Crisis Mode
April Travis Black
A Collection of Short Horror Stories
Jerry Amernic
Gift of the Bambino
Kimberla Lawson Roby
The Best-Kept Secret
May Carolyn Gill Davis
Bear a Life Seasoned with Sage
Patrika Vaughn
Everything You Need To Know Write Publish & Market Your Book
Dorien Grey
The Role Players
June Gerald Allen Wunsch
Erica Spindler
In Silence
Mary Monroe
Red Light Wives
July Grant Lewis Jr.
Three Seeds Of Eve
Peter Verinder
Marissa Monteilh
Hot Boyz
August Kim Robinson
The Roux in the Gumbo
Patricia Anne Phillips
Nice Wives Finish First
Francis Ray
Like the First Time
September Frank O’Donnell
The Witch of Greenwich Village
Terri Kay
A Promise of Revenge
Gwynne Forster
If You Walked In My Shoes
October Dr. Charles Ehin
Alvin Romer
The Romer Review
C. Kelly Robinson
The Strong Silent Type
November Maurice M. Gray Jr.
To Whom Much Is Given
Ginny McBain
Faith, Hope, and Charity
Lisa Jackson
Deep Freeze
December Chris O’Grady
Glorieta Pass
P. J. Parrish
Island of Bones
Kenny Love
Millennium Eve

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