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2004 Recipients
Year Authors of the Year Who's Who in the
Literary Society
Books of the Year
January Pat Tucker
When Loved Ones Lie
Cheryl Holt
Complete Abandon
Keith Lee Johnson
Sugar & Spice
February Denise Turney
William Cox
Black Issues Magazine
Marissa Monteilh
The Chocolate Ship
March Michelle Brown Larks
Myriad of Emotions
Maxine Thompson
A Place Called Home
Gwynne Forster
Blues From Down Deep
April Murad Kalam
Night Journey
T. Weldon Garrett
Against A Brick Wall
Alice Wootson
Escape To Love
May Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs
Claiming Kin
Altonya Washington
Remember Love
J. Keith Stewart
Killing Me Softly
June Margie Gosa Shivers
Salome Thomas-EL
I Choose To Stay
Linda Dominique Grosvenor
July Debra Clayton
Rap Superstar
Lisa Jackson
The Morning After
Francis Ray
Somebody's Knocking at My Door
August Leonard Anderson Jr.
The Blackavellian Knights
Nina Foxx
Get Some Love
Kimberla Lawson Roby
Too Much of a Good Thing
September Michael J. Grayson
Ascending Shadows
K. D. Greene
Too Much Like Right 2
Edith Tarbescu
Annushka's Voyage
October Jamise L. Dames
Momma's Baby Daddy's Maybe?
Thomas Kirkwood
The Quiet Assassin
Patricia Anne Phillips
June In Winter
November Brenda M. Weber
I Promise Not To Tell
Robert Greer
Heat Shock
C.F. Hawthorne
Homeless Love
December Francine A. Yates
Faith Holds The Key
Denise Anita Smith
Back From Sanity's Edge
Mary Monroe
God Still Don't Like Ugly

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