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2002 Recipients
Year Authors of the Year Who's Who in the
Literary Society
Books of the Year
January C. Kelly Robinson
Between Brothers
Delores Thornton
Ida Mae
Nancy Flowers Wilson
A Fool's Paradise
February Alice Holman
The Last Days Murder List
Herman Cain
CEO Of Self
Edwardo Jackson
Ever After
March William F. Cooper
Six Days in January
Peggy Hicks
Joyce Carol Thomas
House of Light
April Marvin V. Arnett
Pieces from Life's
Crazy Quilt
Walt Goodridge
Turn Your Passion
into Profits
Alexs D. Pate
West of Rehoboth

May J. Keith Stewart
Pamela Walker-Williams
Linda Dominique Grosvenor
Like Boogie On Tuesday
June J. D. Mason
And on the Eighth Day
She Rested
Parry A. Brown
Sittin' in the Front Pew

Brenda Thomas
Threesome: Where Seduction, Power and Basketball Collide
July Electa Rome Parks
The Ties That Bind
Victoria Christopher Murray
C.F. Hawthorne
For Every Black Eye
August Bernadene High Coleman
Mama Rose
Leslie Esdaile
Rivers Of The Soul
Marcus Majors
4 Guys and Trouble
September Jacquelin Thomas
The Prodigal Husband
Laura Parker
Roslyn Carrington
Every Bitter Thing Sweet
October Maureen McKade
His Unexpected Wife
Donna Hill
If I Could
Tony Cheatham
Father's Footsteps
November Mary Monroe
The Upper Room
Darlene Johnson
Dream In Color
Tracy Price-Thompson
Black Coffee
December Margaret Johnson-Hodge
Some Sunday
Sharon Mignerey
Cassidy's Courtship
Timmothy McCann
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