Pierre Bateau

Pierre Bateau

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
October 2, 2007

Q.    Who is Pierre Bateau?

A.    I am a very simple man really; I have a different view on most things because I have been so many different places in the world and in so many different situations. Truly Iím all about Family and a spiritual oneness with myself and my surroundings.

Q.    How did you come about the idea to write a novel about multiple personalities?

A.    It was simple, I took the normal moods that people go through on any given day and I put a name and a face to them. You would be surprised at how the stories of characters write themselves based on a simple thing as a mood. The story developed into a bout with good and evil all of a sudden and I realized the best way to show that struggle was with the same way we struggle ourselves. Most of us have very distinct personalities when we are dealing with certain situations. We are very much in control of those personalities and can switch them on and off at will. With Elizabeth I took that control away and let her alter-egoís take on a life of their own.

Q.    How did you come about the title, SPLIT INDECISION?

A.    The SPLIT in SPLIT INDECISION is indicative of the split personality that Elizabeth suffers from. The INDECISION comes from the main character Jacob, not knowing what to do about his situation and the predicament he is placed in regarding Cheryl a character with whom he has feelings for. Together the title tells the story of Jacob having to quickly make a decision about whether to have Elizabeth incarcerated, confront and possibly kill her himself or find help for her as she is the Loving sister he never had.

Q.    Why were Cheryl, AJ, Jacob and Elizabeth in each otherís dreams?

A.    There is an interesting quote from the book that goes, ďFate brought us together in the world of the living for us to continue the harmony that once only existed in this underworld.Ē There is an idea that would have us believe that there is another plane of existence. I took that idea and exploited it to reference how when you see someone that is so familiar to you but you know that you have never met them, or when a situation arises that you felt you had been there before but knew it wasnít possible. There is a larger connection between the characters in the story than meets the eye a connection that will be brought to life in the sequel to the story. But in the book you will see that in the underworld (the dream world) the souls of each of the characters cross many paths and in those journeys the lives of all of the characters intertwine.

Q.    How was it that Cheryl, AJ, Alonzo, Jacob and Elizabeth, were born on the same day and within minutes of each other?

A.    The day they were born was a day of deliverance for all of them. The souls of each of them were separated and born to the world to their respective parents. The souls of many are meant to be reunited in many ways. There was a reason for the reuniting of those souls and it was to prepare for an eventuality that was against the manifest destiny of their existence.

Q.    How long have you been writing?

A.    Iíve been writing for as long as I can remember. I was always in school in my youth. I went to summer school every year just to stay occupied and out of the streets. Writing was a way for me to stretch my imagination with a way to reach back without relying on my memory. I can remember coming up with stories while daydreaming and not writing those stories down. I was always angered by the loss of such good stories when I didnít write them down. So it became a hobby and then a passion. I wrote stories just to pass the time. Later on in my teens those stories became books that I wrote just for my entertainment and the entertainment of family and friends.

Q.    How long did it take you to write SPLIT INDECISION?

A.    The actual time it too to write the story was about six weeks. It took three years to publish because I was a soldier at the time deployed back to back to the Middle East.

Q.    Are you currently working on another novel?

A.    Right now I am working on two novels. The first is an idea that leads to a better rapport between African American couples. Itís a book about relationships and how we look at each other and treat each as a people. The second is the sequel to Split indecision.

Q.    What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

A.    I prefer a quiet place with a view. A lot of times I will have Sade playing in the background or some smooth Jazz or even Enya. It has to be a tranquil environment that is not subject to interruption. The best writing Iíve done has been in places where there simply isnít another person around for miles.

Q.    What message would you like reader to receive from reading SPLIT INDECISION?

A.    If there is on thing that I would like people to draw from this book, it would be that we all have problems and we all face them differently. The key to solving those problems is to understand oneís self. It takes a special skill to step back away from yourself and look at the individual parts of us that make up the whole. When we understand ourselves solving problems and coping with outside influence becomes a much easier task than when we donít