Cynthia Lynn Stigger

Cynthia Lynn Stigger

Interviewed by: Lauretta Pierce
March 5, 2007

Q.    Who is Cynthia Lynn Stigger?

A.   Cynthia was born and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a writer and an awesome poet. As the Bible states, we are all blessed with at least one gift. Cynthia has been blessed with more than one, being a great endoscopy techinician and a great writer, and she gives her thanks to God.

Cynthia is a mother of two daughter's,one son and four grandchildren. She graduated form Lock Year Jr. College where she received her associates in office management, and attended Ivy Tech State College where she received her Medical training.

So you ask who is Cynthia? She is first a child of God born with a thought, a vision and a dream and of course a pen that's always within her reach and she thanks God daily for her high favored gift of writing.

Q.    What inspired you to write a book of poetry?

A.   Writing a book of poetry was a way of releasing; the hidden hurt, pain and joy in my life so that I may heal my mind, body and soul while reaching out to heal others.

Q.    How did you come about the title “THE WORDS I COULD NOT SAY?”

A.   After choosing and selecting all of the poems that were to be in this book, I knew then that I had to come up with a title that would be appropriate for my book.

At the time I had about three titles that I could have used, but I knew I had to use a title that would properly introduce my book of poems.

Being a poet and a writer,I have a tendency of observing and listening to everything around me that I may be able to use later on. During the process of me selecting my titles,I was being exposed daily to a lot of people that were going through divorces, separations, making up and breaking up.

My ears were always in fine tune to what people were saying. Some of the words, that I would hear about people expressing their anger, pain, hurt and some of things that they were going through and the things that they wanted to say, but somehow just didn't know how to express themselves.

That's how I decided on this tilte, "The Words I Could Not Say" So if you find yourself all toungue-tied' twisted up and can't seem to get those words out, just open up my book of poems and I will say them for you.

Q. How long have you been writing poetry?

A.   Every since I could remember, I have always had a passion for writing. People always say that we inherit something from our parents, whether it is our eyes, hair,nose,skin color,looks or habits...

Well not only did I inherit my mothers outer apperance, but I inherited her internal mind and her passionate gift of writing.

As a young child growing up, I use to see pieces of my mother's work lying around the house. Not knowing at the time that what she was doing was a form of creative writing/poetry. But somehow I managed to pick up her habits.

Whenever something was bothering me, and heavy on my mind, and I didn't quite know how to express my feelings, I would grab a pencil and a piece of paper, then go into my bathroom where no one would ever notice what I was doing.

I would then sit down on the side of t he bathtub or commode and then start writing out what was going through my mind at the time. I would then ball it all up, and pitch it in the trash. At least I had the chance to release my thoughts. I just wish I would had known to save my work.

So, you ask how long have I've been writing poetry, I've been wirting poetry every since I've learned what a pencil and paper was used for, and that's to write with.

Q. Will you give the readers some insight of the significant for your following poems: The Words I Could Not Say and Unconditionally?

A.   The Words I Could Not Say, that poem stems from my book's titles. With having such a passion for writing poetry, I wanted everything that I write to have something to do with poetry, including the title of my book.

After I had selected all the poems that were to be in this book, I knew then that I had to come up with a title for my book. At the time I had about three titles that I could have used, but I wanted a title that would introduce this book and its meaning.

I wanted a title that after my fans had finished reading my book of poems, I want them to be able to sit back, relax and say to themselves ahhhh those are "The Words I Could Not Say."

Now for the poem"Unconditionally" It's based on reality of real people's lives including myself.

We, yes I'm speaking of you too. We all have a tendency of giving all uncontiontional love away to people that don't appreciate nor deserve true love.

Q. Do you write in other genres?

A.   Yes as a matter of fact, I just finished two other books of poems along with my first Christian Inspirational Novel.

Q. Is this your first book of poetry?

A.   Yes, but definitely not my last

Q. Are you currently working on another book of poetry?

A.   Yes, two to be released this year 2007

Q. What type of atmosphere do you require to write?

A.   For some strange reason, while I'm driving I always get a rush of words that seem to start itching at my brains that just won't leave me alone. I don't know if it has something to do with the scenery of God's creation or what.

Then I find myself fumbling around for my paper and pen that I always keep handy. But believe me, if I can't find a piece of paper, there's always my clothes, arms, and if necessary, when that burst of inspiration hits me, I'll pull over to the side of the road and write in the dirt, Jesus did.

Back to the question, I guess you could say that I am an outdoors kind of writer.

Q. Is there a message you would like readers to receive from any particular poem you wrote?

A.   Yes all of them, which ever poem fits your mood and triumphs.